The limit for funding requests is currently £500. Depending on what you are requesting this may be paid in instalments.

No, cash payments will not be made.

Once your request has been received you should receive a response from WCT quickly (within 7-14 days). You will then be contacted to discuss your request.

You need to tell us what it is that you think will make a difference to your current or future circumstances the most and tell us why it will make a difference. The Board of Trustees will then discuss your request to decide whether it is something they are willing to fund.Things which have been funded in the past are:

Driving lessons

Laptops or IT equipment for study

Tools required for a training course/apprenticeship

Yes you may. Grants are not one time only and other requests in later years will be considered. There are limited resources so grant requests may not always be successful.

Yes. We would discuss your request with yourself and others who may also be contributing. Ultimately the Board of Trustees will decide whether the request is reasonable and whether it can be granted in this way.

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